Fraylie Nord



A Working Man And
A Working Fool

– Catapult

Have You Seen a Man
– Armchair/Shotgun

How to Soften the
Jagged Parts

– Bridge Eight

– Oblong Magazine

The Attack of Everything
– Tin House Flash Fridays

Tell Nothing in a
Crowded Place

– Volume 1 Brooklyn


How To Make Our Bodies
Of Open Space

– Luna Luna Magazine

The Car Goes First
– Luna Luna Magazine

Are You My Landlord?
– The Billfold


Fraylie Nord lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her writing has appeared in Tin House Flash Fridays, Volume 1 Brooklyn, Oblong Magazine, The Billfold, and elsewhere. She received a degree in critical theory, creative writing, and photography from Hampshire College. She owns several mismatched pairs of wool socks and will wholeheartedly believe your story about that time you endured a haunting in rural Maine.